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Parea Workspaces

Parea is a Greek concept meaning a group of friends who regularly gather together to share their experiences about life, their philosophies, values and ideas

We provide you with a serene and excellent workspace curated to support you with  regular meeting needs, furnished office spaces; shared or virtual, all in one place accompanied with exceptional client care 

Our Story

Every business needs a shoulder to lean on especially during the early stages of growth and that is exactly what prompted our founder Calvin Murungi Kaliba and wife Esther Murungi to work closely with a team of young passionate people to establish Parea Workspaces.

The couple, having run a start-up before, knew so well the challenges that every growing business faces to achieve the much-desired success that has long been dreamt about over time. Some of the challenges that the couple’s start-up faced in the early stages ranged from the untenably high office space rental rates in prime locations in the city to the high cost of setting up a professional space with pending utilities to pay for monthly.
The desire to find space that is affordable and yet provides the much-needed amenities for a promising start-up had started to become elusive.

Fast forward, the first location of Parea Workspaces was created on 1st of Aug 2022 to provide affordable and professional workspaces where individuals can grow their businesses with the right support while maintaining a prime location in the heart of Kampala city. 

Parea Workspaces remains committed to ensuring that growing businesses are provided with excellent spaces that are meticulously curated to enhance collaboration and optimize productivity.

modern and practical

Offices with comfortable furniture, planned environments to inspire you every day

Our spaces are planned with you in mind, to give you both comfort and an environment that enables productivity.

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